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Website Design & Development Process
Website Design and development process that we follow :
Step 1.  Here are just some questions which will help us to gather information so that our web design & development  team can  understand what needs to be done. 
  • What does your company do?
  • Describe a typical or perfect client of yours.
  • Where are you in your market place?
  • Can you give me five of your main competitors?
  • How big will your website be? Make a complete site map (headings of pages you need).
  • How do you plan to keep your website updated?
  • When will the website need to be launched by?
  • Who will be responsible for the website project?
Step 2. We will give you quotation / costing as per your requirements & specifications provided above.
Step 3. We will provide you 3 layouts for your website without any charge (for free).
You need to confirm & approve anyone of them. Still if you need to change anything on the layout (background color, font color, font style etc...anything). We will change as per your specifications & best suited.
Step 4. After confirmation of the layout, you need to pay half of the agreed amount by crossed cheque in favour of Bugfree Softwares.
You can either deposit the cheque directly to our company A/c (We will provide bank details on e-mail) or send it to our office address. Please keep us informed on email at
Step 5. We will design & develop your complete website.
You can see your in-process website anytime at You will be informed when your website is complete. You can still request us to make changes if required. At this stage, if customer asks for any additional web pages which may change the site map he may be liable for extra charges (if applicable). 
Step 6. When the website is complete & ready to be uploaded at your registered Web Address, you need to pay rest of the amount.
Step 7.  After receiving full credit, complete Website will be uploaded at your registered Web Address.
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